Free FIFA Coins

I think you also want some Free FIFA Coins and also some Free FIFA Points to your Origin, PSN or Xbox Live Account. The trick is that you actually don’t need to play lots of games or spend all your time in trading player. There is a tool called the FIFA Coin Generator which gives you free FIFA Coins just by some clicks on the button.

I’m pretty sure that you have heard about it already. This is FIFA Coins Hack is actually one of the best things I have ever experienced.


Forget the scam on Facebook! They only want your players and your FIFA Coins! They will tell you “Here is a gift for you” or they have a fake fanpage which looks exactly like the original FIFA Ultimate Team page on Facebook, but the truth is they are just fake. They steal the identity of EA FUT and they also fake the whole website with their Weebly websites. You have to write down your security question, your password and your ID. It is pretty stupid, but there are soooo many people who still get tricked.


The website which offers the one and only FIFA Coin Generator doesn’t even ask for anyones password or for the security question. The only thing you need to give is your ID and you have to choose the platform. Just think, they need the information to transfer the Free FIFA Coins and Free FIFA Points to your account, but why should they ask for the password or security question? It doesn’t matter at all.

I can say that is absolutely legit. They offer a FIFA Coin Generator so that you can generate Free FIFA Coins at no cost.


There are so many videos on Youtube and also on Dailymotion in which you can see how people use it successfully. Don’t spend all your lifetime on transfer in FIFA Ultimate Team. Just get the best players like Ronaldo or Messi.


Have Fun using it!


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